French parliamentary delegation visits Maaloula and injured soldiers

Damascus Countryside, SANA – The French delegation of parliamentarians, journalists, intellectuals and businessmen currently visiting Syria visited Maaloula city and paid a visit to injured Syrian soldiers at Tishreen Military Hospital on Friday.

Members of the delegation, headed by member of the Parliamentary Committee of the Foreign Affairs at the National Assembly Thierry Mariani, stressed their solidarity with the Syrian people in face of terrorism, stressing the need to unify and step up international efforts to confront terrorism.

Mariani said the coordination between the Syrian Army and the Russian air force has led to significant results unlike the U.S.-led coalition, that has carried out hundreds of airstrikes over more than a year, and all went in vain.

For his part, Journalist Andre Kourpov hoped Syria will soon overcome the crisis, calling upon journalists and reporters to inspect the reality of the events in the country.

M. Nassr/ Barry

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