Syria’s ambassador to Russia urges all countries to join Syria and Russia against terrorism

Moscow, SANA-The Syrian ambassador in Moscow Riyad Haddad said the Russian airstrikes in Syria are primarily meant to combat international terrorism classified thus by unanimously-adopted UN resolutions.

Speaking at a press conference in Moscow on Thursday, Haddad said the Russian intervention came at an official request by the Syrian legitimate leadership that President Bashar al-Assad represents, adding that the request is in compliance with the international law and the UN Charter.

The Russian air force is fully coordinating with the Syrian army, he added, indicating that the importance of the Russian strikes in Syria will soon be felt by all.

“Those who want the law of the jungle can sit on their hands…and those who want the international law honored and the prestige of the international organization kept up should side with Russia and Syria,” the ambassador added.

He warned that terrorism will not stop at Syria’s borders. “Numerous international resolutions have been issued that demand all to combat and eliminate terrorism, not calibrate it according to the interests of some countries.”

The ambassador criticized the US-led anti-terrorism coalition which, one year after its creation, has led to a doubling in the numbers of ISIS recruits and in the areas they control.


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