More Russian air raids against ISIS Thursday, landing ships in Mediterranean to engage in operation

Moscow, SANA –The Russian Air Force carried out more air strikes on 12 ISIS positions in Homs, Hama and Idleb as part of the agreement between Syria and Russia to eliminate ISIS.

The Russian air operation in Syria started on Wednesday after Russia’s Federation Council gave permission to President Vladimir Putin to use Air Force against terrorists in Syria upon President Bashar al-Assad’s request.

Russia Today website quoted Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Gen. Maj. Igor Konashenkov as saying in a statement that “a terrorist HQ and an ammunition depot were destroyed near Idleb, as were a fortified three-level command center near Hama.”

“A direct bomb hit also completely destroyed a workshop north of Homs that produced explosives and ammunition,” he added, saying that at this workshop terrorists were stuffing vehicles with explosives, which were then used to carry out terrorist attacks.

The Russian warplanes continued targeting ISIS infrastructure and carried out 8 more sorties on 5 ISIS positions, where a training camp and an ammunition depot were destroyed in Maaret al-Nouman city in Idleb.

20 air strikes targeted 8 ISIS positions in Syria on Wednesday, according to the Ministry. Those included ammunition depots and command and control centers.

The Russian Sputnik news agency also quoted Konashenkov as saying that more than 50 airplanes take part in the Russian military operation against ISIS terrorists in Syria, adding that a group of Russian marines are guarding the Hmaimim Airbase in Syria where the Russian Air Force is temporarily deployed.

“A battalion tactical group of marines is involved in securing and defending the base,” Konashenkov explained.

The Press Office of the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement that “Targets selected for airstrikes by Russian aviation are strictly outside populated areas, and are based on confirmed intelligence information.”

In a relevant context, the Ministry announced that the Russian landing ships in the Mediterranean and Russia’s Black Sea Fleet forces will take part in the Russian air operation against terrorist organizations in Syria to protect the Russian military facilities in Tartous and Lattakia.

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