1500 families return to al-Housseiniyeh after 3-year displacement forced by terrorists

Damascus, SANA – A total of 1500 families have returned to their houses in al-Housseiniyeh area in the southern countryside of Damascus, after residents were forced out of it by terrorists for over three years.

Ministry of State for National Reconciliation Affairs said in a statement that the newly returnees are families of army members and martyrs, who were recorded in the first week immediately after return was announced on August 16 with an average of 5 persons per household.

The process was “quite and organized and without complications or obstacles,” added the Ministry, noting that the second stage will begin in the next few days and will include entering employees and their families.

It pointed out that the rate of infrastructure rehabilitation in the area has exceeded 50% for electricity and 90% for water and sewerage networks, adding that there has been growing progress as far as transportation is concerned.

The Ministry’s statement revealed that work is under way in a number of areas in Damascus, Homs and Hama to complete local reconciliations, which will be announced once the conditions are ripe.

It referred to rising voices among citizens in most provinces recently demanding that terrorism be eliminated and more local reconciliations be achieved and accelerated even in areas where terrorists spread.

In August 16th, hundreds of families began to return to their homes in al-Housseiniyeh area after three years of forced displacement due to terrorist attacks that came to an end once the army restored stability and security to the area.

Manar al-Frieh/H. Said

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