Electricity Minister stresses constant efforts to maintain the power system against all odds

Damascus, SANA – Electricity Minister Imad Khamis said the Ministry is going ahead with implementing planned projects to maintain the power system and further expand it.

Answering inquires from MPs during a People’s Assembly session on Thursday, he estimated Syria’s need of electric power at 9000 megawatts and stressed that all components of the power system, including the generating and converter stations, high voltage power lines and distribution networks are at a high level of preparedness despite the many difficulties prompted by the economic blockade imposed on the country.

Minister Khamis explained that there are six converter stations, two generating stations and several high voltage power lines currently under construction, but the problem, however, is linked to the lack of fuel necessary for running and operating the power stations, which is caused by the terrorists’ systematic and repeated attacks on fuel pipelines.

He clarified that reaching the aim of reducing on electricity outages entails importing about 18000 tons of fuel per day at a cost of USD 7.5 million dollars, stressing that the Ministry is working hard and making every possible effort to reduce the rationing hours of power consumption.

Qabas/ H. Said

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