Electricity Minister: Electricity returns to all Syrian provinces after terrorist attack targeting Deir Ali and Tishreen Plants

Damascus, SANA- Minister of Electricity Ghassan al-Zamel announced Saturday the return of electricity to all Syrian provinces after Deir Ali Electricity Generation Plant went out of service due to terrorist attack on the gas feeding line of the plant yesterday evening.

In a statement to SANA, Minister al-Zamel said that, half an hour following the attack the electricity feeding was restored as the northern power plants began to reoperate starting from al-Zarah power station, then Jender, al-Naseriyeh, Banyas and Muhardeh, after that, refeeding electricity started to be restored sequentially from Hama, Homs, Damascus, Tartous , Lattakia and to all other Syrian provinces.

 The minister added that a terrorist attack targeted the gas pipeline feeding Tishreen and Deir Ali Electricity Generation Plants in addition to two 400 KV towers located between Deir Ali and Tishreen Plants, which led to a drop in the gas pressure suddenly in Deir Ali Plant as the Plant go out of service.

Deir Ali Electricity Generation Plant feeds more than 50% of Syria’s need of Electricity, and after the Plant went out of service due to the attack, the rest of electricity stations went also out of service due to the frequency drop, the Minister went on saying.

He added that the workshops started to repair the damaged towers while the workshops of the Petroleum Ministry are working on repairing the damaged gas pipeline.

Hala Zain

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