President al-Assad issues law regulating notary public profession

Damascus, SANA – President Bashar al-Assad on Saturday issued law no. 15 on regulating the work of the notary public profession as per the bill approved by the People’s Assembly.

The law specifies the definition of notary general and the various departments, terms, records, documents, procedures, and fees related to this profession, as well as specifying the conditions for becoming a notary public and assigning the Justice Minister to appoint them, with judges and attorneys supervising their work.

As per this law, the tasks of notaries public are defined as writing and documenting contracts and legal papers such as wills, preserving documents they process, filing and documenting and safekeeping documents when asked to do so, providing notarized copies of documents, serving legal notices, and testifying to notarization of documents and their dates.

The law also empowers Syrian consuls or those carrying out their tasks abroad as notaries general outside the country. It also stipulates for making digital copies of documents to refer to in case records or documents are lost.

H. Sabbagh

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