Over 300 thousand Basic Education school students start final exams

Damascus, SANA – About 304 thousand school students took on Sunday the first subject of final exams of Basic Education stage in Syria.

Those included 2074 students of the Islamic Religious Education schools.

Minister of Education Hazwan al-Waz toured a number of exams centers in Damascus and said the exams are going on as planned with the necessary safety and security measures all in place.

He hailed in a statement to SANA the students’ determination to pursue their study and exams undaunted by the daily challenges spawned by the terrorist war waged against the country since 2011.

This, he said, reflects the resilience of the Syrian people and “gives us hope that our schools will remain beacons as always” and that “we are on the right track towards a bright future.”

The Basic Education and Religious Education exams will continue till late this month, while the Secondary Education (high school) exams start on June 1.

R. al-Jazaeri/H. Said

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