Syria celebrates World and Syrian Theatre Day

world theatre day

Damascus, SANA – Activities of the World and Syrian theatre day started Sunday by launching a number of events in many theatres in Damascus.

The Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts on launched an activity the name “the Syrian World Theatre Day”.

Activities of the festivity, attended by Minister of Culture Issam Khalil, witnessed a significant turnout from theatre lovers, with a permanent book exhibition and artistic expos on theatric design, scenography and theatric techniques.

Father Elias Zahlawi, attending the festivity, scheduled to last till the 2nd of April, was granted the Shield of the Institute by the Minister of Culture and Dean of the Institute for his art writings and translations.

In a speech upon the honoring, father Zahlawi said “I have never thought I will be honored for carrying out one of my duties towards my country. Believe in Syria and in your selves, Syria will bring back balance and values to the entire world.”

For his part, Dr. Tamer al-Arbeid, Higher institute Dean said that the theatric activities in Syria have never stopped despite the crisis, as more of 60 theatric shows were performed in addition to many street and alternative theatre performances.

Al-Hamra Theatre also witnessed a number of activities on the occasion, including many performances and a speech delivered by artist Mustafa al-Khani in which he quoted the message of the World Theatre Day prepared by polish Director Krzysztof Warlikowski as saying .. We are no longer able to build towers, and the walls we stubbornly construct do not protect us from anything—on the contrary, they themselves demand protection and care that consumes a great part of our life energy.

We no longer have the strength to try and glimpse what lies beyond the gate, behind the wall. And that’s exactly why theater should exist and where it should seek its strength. To peek inside where looking is forbidden.”

World Theatre Day was initiated in 1961 by the International Theatre Institute (ITI). It is celebrated annually on the 27th March by ITI Centers and the international theatre community.

Various national and international theatre events are organized to mark this occasion worldwide.

Mohammad Nassr/ Barry

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