Syrian Students in Cuba affirmed keenness to disclose reality of situation in Syria

Havana, SANA- Syrian students in Cuba affirmed during their annual conference their continuous efforts to disclose the reality of situation in Syria away from foreign media deception.

Member of executive office of National Union of the Syrian Students (NUSS) Bashar al-Metleq, briefed the conference on the role of the Syrian Students’ National Union internally and externally and the dangerous terrorist threat on Syrian educational institutions in an attempt to derail them away from national track and to prevent them from contributing in building Syria.
Students expressed their readiness to continue explaining Syria’s history and culture and its civilized role throughout history.

For his part, Charge d’Affairs of the Syrian Embassy in Cuba, Dr. Louay al-Awajy, reviewed the latest political developments on the Syrian scene pointing out that democracy which the West wants to impose on Syria in the same manner that was used in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt which is not, but just, a tool of destruction and flakiness of Arab people.
Reem/ Barry

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