Former Lebanese FM: Terrorism, the region is facing, threatens all peoples of the world


Damascus, SANA –The Israeli entity’s attempt to establish the so-called “Security Belt” in south Syria across extending bridges with some agents is similar to what this entity had done in south Lebanon a long time ago, former Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour said.

The attempt to establish the so-called a security belt, which is being carried out by Israeli tools represented by the armed terrorist organizations that are financed and sponsored by some regional countries, poses a threat to Syria and Lebanon, Mansour added in a lecture at al-Assad National Library in Damascus Wednesday upon the invitation of the Journalists Union of Syria.


The former Lebanese official reviewed the stance of Turkish Recep Tayyeb Erdogan’s regime towards the crisis in Syria as it offered support to the so-called “opposition” and embraced it in the city of Antalya few months after the beginning of the crisis, as well as the US stance which was appeared after 98 days by calling for supporting and arming the opposition, imposing economic sanctions and seriously work for changing the system in Syria as it poses threats to the American interests in the region.

Mansour lashed out at the negative role of the Arab League (AL) towards the crisis in Syria, asserting that AL held 56 meetings to discuss the situation in Syria, but only for putting pressures on it to carry out the foreign dictations and projects.


He pointed out the role of some countries that showed hostile determination to change the Syrian system through opening their borders to the terrorists, gunmen and arms.

Mansour warned that what is going on in Syria concerns all Arab countries because terrorism will reach each of them sooner or later.

He criticized Lebanon’s self-distance policy towards the crisis in Syria as a result of the political divisions among the political parties in the country.


What the region is facing is terrorism by all standards which poses a threat to all the peoples of the world, Mansour reiterated.

For his part, Member of the regional leadership of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party, Dr. Khalaf al-Muftah said “Those who have adopted hostile stances towards Syria at the AL were implementing US-Israeli decisions.

Meanwhile, Head of the Journalists Union Elias Murad hailed the courageous Arab and nationalistic stances of Mansour towards Syria during his post as a Foreign Minister of Lebanon , mainly in the AL.

H. Zain/ Barry

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