Humanitarian aid must be harmonised with respect for Syria’s sovereignty and unity, Russian Foreign Ministry

Moscow, SANA-Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergey Vershinin, reiterated the importance of harmonising the humanitarian aid for Syria to be matched with the principle of respecting the country’s sovereignty and its territorial integrity.

“Vershinin asserted during an event held Monday on the sideline of the UNGA77 meetings in New York the need of intensifying action to rehabilitate the key facilities in Syria such as water, electricity, schools, hospitals and accommodation that is critical for dignified and safe return for the Syrian refugees and displaced” the Russian Ministry said in a statement.

The ministry added that there was intensive exchange of views on implementing the Security Council resolution No.2642, with emphasis on the transparency in delivering cross-border humanitarian aid ,along with the sustainable and regular access of assistance from Damascus to civilians throughout Syria.


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