Mikdad: Western states should stop politicizing development issues

New York, SANA- Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Dr. Fayssal Mikdad, has stressed the need for Western countries to stop politicizing development issues and to follow the example of China and other peace-loving countries in seeking cooperation, dialogue and integration among the countries of the world, especially in issues related to development.

Mikdad’s remarks came during his participation last night in the Ministerial Meeting of the Group of Friends of the Global Development Initiative which was called by the Chinese Foreign Minister, in implementation of the initiative of Chinese President Xi Jinping, which was launched at the 76th session of the UN General Assembly.

Mikdad affirmed Syria’s support for this initiative, which contributes to addressing the economic challenges facing the countries of the world, especially the developing countries, and meeting their development aspirations, strengthening the development partnership in an equal and balanced manner at the global level, and moving forward in the correct implementation of the 2030 sustainable development plan.

Mikdad noted that Syria stresses the need to push this important initiative forward, given the unprecedented economic challenges the world is witnessing, whether those related to the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change, declining food security, or endangering energy supplies.

He called for the rejection of the economic blockade imposed by Western States and the cessation of their unilateral and inhuman coercive measures which contradict with the international law.

More than 66 ministers from different countries of the world participated in the ministerial meeting.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri


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