Syrian dentist enters Oxford’s record, wins several awards

Sofia, (SANA)– One of Syria’s honorary ambassadors to the world is the successful dentist Ghaith Badr, who holds five Master’s degrees and has won remarkable rewards in his career.

Dr. Baer studied dentistry in Bulgaria and got five Master’s degrees in oral and maxillofacial surgery, gum disease, bone grafting, bone implant teeth, occlusion and cosmetic dentistry.

In 2000, he opened ‘Dentist Ghaith Center ‘, which is considered one of the most important centers in implanting teeth and cosmetic dentistry in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia.

“Neither fame nor money was the stimulus of my studies, but rather the love of science, research and the improvement of dentistry,” Dr. Bader said in an interview with SANA.

Dentist Bader received ‘Name in Science’ award and he was listed in Oxford’s record for scientists, using stem cells in grafting.

He also received several remarkable international awards including an award for efficiency and professionalism in 2011, having been chosen among representatives of 116 countries in Frankfurt, Germany.

In the same year, he received the European Award for Best Dentist in Brussels from the European Society for Quality Researches (ESQR).

Other several awards in Bulgaria went to Dr. Bader including the award for best management of a dentistry center in the country and the title of the Inventor.

“We always try to pay our homeland back its favor and convey the true image of the situation in Syria to the Bulgarian people,” Dr. Bader told SANA reporter.

“A Syrian could be his/her homeland’s ambassador abroad through doing a brilliant work along with making strong relations with people of their environment…they should highlight the bright side of his homeland,” he added.

R. Milhem/H. Said

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