Joint Syrian-Lebanese technical team to check Arab Gas Pipeline at Lebanese side

Damascus, SANA- A joint technical team from Petroleum and Mineral Resources Ministry, and Lebanese Energy Ministry began on Monday to check the Arab Gas Pipeline starting from al-Dabousieh plant on the Syrian-Jordanian border towards Deir Ammar power plant in Lebanon.

The Ministry said in a statement to SANA, that the team is expected to complete its works and provide its report on Tuesday on the technical readiness of the gas pipeline at the Lebanese side.

At a meeting held in the Jordanian Capital, Amman on September 8 th, the Ministers of Petroleum and Energy in Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon, agreed on a plan to supply Lebanon with Egyptian Gas.

Earlier, Syria agreed Lebanon’s request to help in transmitting gas from Egypt and electricity from Jordan via Syrian territories during Syrian-Lebanese talks session held in Damascus.

Rafah al-Allouni/ Shaza Qreima

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