Sousan to Mariani :Illegitimate unilateral coercive measures on Syria amount to war crimes

Damascus, SANA- Assistant Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Ayman Sousan reviewed during his meeting with Member of the European Parliament Thierry Mariani and the accompanying delegation on Tuesday the latest developments of the situations in Syria and the latest regional and international developments.

Dr. Sousan asserted that after the field victories over terrorism, Syria is today facing an economic terrorism by the hostile countries, indicating that the illegitimate unilateral coercive measures imposed on Syria by the European Union and the US constitute a flagrant violation of the international law and the most basic human rights and they amount to the level of war crimes as they are one of the weapons used in the war waged against Syria and they affect the Syrian citizens in their life and livelihood.

Dr. Sousan expressed regret that the European Union continues its wrong approach regarding the situation in Syria as a result of its lack of independence and its blind subordination to the US policy, which does not serve the interests of the peoples of the European Union.

For their part, members of the delegation expressed satisfaction over the return of security and stability to most of the Syrian territories after the defeat of terrorist groups, condemning the coercive measures imposed on Syria.

They stressed their readiness to work in order to convey an image to the European public opinion about the harmful effects of these measures on the Syrian citizens and the importance of lifting them completely and pushing the European governments to change their wrong policies regarding Syria.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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