QSD militia kidnaps 5 residents of al-Hawl camp

Hasaka, SANA-  Armed groups affiliated to US- occupation forces–backed QSD militia stormed a number of sections of al-Hawl refugees camp and kidnapped a number of its residents.

Local sources told SANA that groups of QSD militia encircled a number of sections of al-Hawl camp, stormed a number of tents, kidnapped five persons and took them to their nearby headquarters amid a state of panic and fear among women and children inside the camp.

The US occupation forces, in cooperation with QSD militia, backed by them, detain in al-Hawl camp, east of Hasaka, thousands of displaced persons, in catastrophic circumstances in light of the severe shortage of survival requirements of water, medicine, food, security and others.

Bushra Dabin/ Hala Zain

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