Director General of al-Mouwasat Hospital: Epidemiological curve of infections with Coronavirus at its lowest

Damascus, SANA- The epidemiological curve of recorded infections with the Coronavirus is at its lowest as the number of infections recorded by the Hospital reached two proven cases daily during the last month compared to what happened in the third peak of the virus during last March and April when the hospital was receiving 70 cases daily during those months, Director General of al-Mouwasat Hospital Dr. Issam Zakarya al-Ameen said.

In a statement to SANA, Dr. al-Ameen said that the total of the positive cases infected with the virus currently and admitted to the hospital reached 14 cases, distributed between isolation and intensive care rooms.

The epidemiological curve of the virus is currently monitored as it witnessed flattening since the beginning of last May and it continue to decline gradually till today in terms of suspected cases or the number of those admitted to the isolation and intensive care rooms in the hospital, he added.

He dismissed any indications of the outbreak of a fourth peak of the epidemic, asserting that in case of outbreak of any indications the hospital will return to the adopted exceptional procedures.

Dr. al-Ameen pointed out that 2200 of the health cadres in the Hospital and other University Hospitals, mainly al-Bairuni, Obstetrics, Heart Surgery and Children, has been vaccinated, in addition to the students of the Faculty of Medicine at Damascus University who want to.

According to the latest Ministry of Health statistics, the total number of Coronavirus infections recorded in Syria reached up till now 26044, of which 22019 cases have recovered and 1919 cases passed away.

Hala Zain


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