Al-Halqi: Syrian, Iranian relations witness remarkable progress

Damascus, SANA-Prime Minister Wael al-Halaqi affirmed Sunday that trade and economic relations between Syria and Iran are witnessing tangible and growing progress which reflect both sides’ adherence to promote relations up to the level of strong  political relations.

Al-Halaqi, during a meeting with Chairman of the Iranian-Syrian Economic Relations’ Development Committee Rostam Qasemi, hailed Iran’s stances towards the Syrian people and leadership which had an important role in strengthening Syria struggle against terrorism.


The Premier asserted that 2015 will be a year for victories of the resistance and nations who are suffering from west hegemony, Zionism and terrorism.

For his part, Qasemi stressed that Syria and Iran are standing in the same trench against Zionist- American pre-planned projects in the region, adding that his country will not hesitate to offer all forms of support to Syria.

The meeting was attended by Minister of the Republic’s Presidential Affairs Mansour Azzam, Syrian Ambassador in Tehran Dr. Adnan Mahmoud and Iranian Ambassador in Damascus Mohammad Reza Rauf Sheibani.

On the other hand, while meeting the Iranian Economic, Trade Ministerial delegation, al-Halaqi appreciated the efforts exerted to boost cooperation opportunities and promote the economic and industrial ties up to meet aspirations of the two peoples.

He called on the Iranian companies and businessmen to establish developmental projects in the country to help reconstruct Syria along with Syrian national companies.


Qasemi, for his part, affirmed the Iranian government’s commitment to enhance cooperation with Syria as to support its struggle against the unjust economic blockade imposed upon it.

Following the meeting, a session of official talks was held between the two sides at the Cabinet building headed by Secretary General of the Cabinet Tayseer al-Zoubi and Rostom Qasemi.

They discussed the situation of economic, trade relations between the two sides and the outcomes of meetings held in Tehran as well as expanding cooperation to cover the domains of agriculture, industry, oil, electricity, medicine and health.

In a press statement after the meeting, Qasemi said “We reached very good economic decisions,” adding that during the coming days there will be understandings and important agreements on the economic levels.

Al-Zoubi, in a statement to SANA, described the meetings as successful, adding that what has been agreed between the two sides would boost the struggle of the Syrian people.

Manar/ Mazen Eyon

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