Syrian-French Friendship Association Symposium: Lifting unfair western siege on Syria, holding accountable who support terrorism in it

Paris, SANA- Participants in the symposium held by the Syrian-French Friendship Association stressed the necessity of holding accountable those who were involved in the terrorist war on Syria, lifting the Western unfair siege on the Syrian people and reconstructing what have been destroyed by that terrorist war.

In his speech during the Symposium which was held on Zoom website under the motto “Syria.. the bets and lessons from a war without borders,” Michel Rimbaud, French diplomat and former Ambassador called to reconstruct what have been destroyed by terrorism in Syria.

Rimbaud called also for holding accountable those who were involved in the aggression on Syria, conspired against it as well as the mass media which fabricated the facts to the public opinion, indicating that the war in Syria is a war between the Syrian State on the one hand and the terrorists backed by foreign parties on the other hand, in addition to the hostility of some countries on it.

Africa Asia Journal’s editor-in-chief Majed Niemeh stressed that the unfair siege imposed by the US and France failed to achieve its goals, pointing out to the western countries attempt to undermine the Syrian State and that those countries have supported the terrorist organizations for this purpose.

For his part, Strategic expert in the International policies Bernard Corneau described the unjust sanctions imposed on the Syrian people by the West and regional countries as a “crime against humanity.”

Corneau indicated to the Turkish role in supporting terrorism in Syria, expressing condemnation over the Turkish occupation to Syrian territories and calling for punishing the countries which support terrorism.

Researcher in the Arab Affairs Faisal Jaloul said that the aim behind the terrorist war on Syria is partitioning it in order to remap the region with the aim of liquidating the Palestinian cause in serving the Israeli occupation entity, which has miserably failed.

Hala Zain

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