Citizens of Syrian community Syrian-Ukrainian Friendship Association call for lifting coercive measures imposed on Syria

Kiev, SANA- Citizens of Syrian community in Ukraine and Syrian –Ukrainian Friendship Association called for lifting coercive economic measures imposed on Syria which caused big suffering to Syrian people in their livelihood in light of the spread of Corona pandemic.

In a letter addressed to Pope Francis, Pope of Vatican, citizens of the community and Friendship Association pointed out that evil and aggressive forces in the world launched an unjust global war against Syria depending on mercenaries and terrorists who practice killing, crimes, destruction and plundering the resources of Syrian people in addition to imposing unjust unilateral economic measures on the Syrian people who have lost requirements of their daily life.

They called on the Pope to immediately intervene and remove those measures and all unfair acts , on top, the so-called “Caesar Act.”

They also called on Pope Francis to exert pressure on Turkish regime to stop its aggressive and racial policies towards Syria, end all forms of occupation and the intervention in its domestic affairs, and return to international legitimacy, respect its laws and the sovereignty of peoples.

Hybah / Mazen

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