73 Years pass on the Nakba, the suffering of Palestinians continues

Occupied Jerusalem, SANA- The 73rd anniversary of occupying Palestine is passing while the aggression crimes committed by the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people continue, causing the martyrdom and injury of hundreds,  destroying properties and infrastructure, in addition to escalating the war of ethnic cleansing, displacing and Judaizing al-Quds in a scenery that reminds of the crimes of Zionist gangs before the catastrophe which have been still continuing till now.

In the face of those crimes, Palestinians continue their steadfastness and firmness on their land and defending it, stressing their adherence to their right to return home from which they were forcibly displaced.

The Palestinian right to return is guaranteed by the UN through resolution NO.194 for the year 1948 which is still far from being implemented and which is nothing more than a resolution only on paper.

73rd years will have passed on al-Nakba by today  while the suffering of Palestinian people is still continuous in light of crimes aimed at displacing them from their land and Judaizing al-Quds in addition to the successive chapters of conspiracy against the Palestinians adhered to their lands, on top, the proclamation of US former President ,Donald Trump, in December 2017 stipulating that Occupied al-Quds is the capital of the occupying Israeli entity as well as moving US Embassy to it in May 2018 synchronizing with  the 70th anniversary of al-Nakba.

Baraa Ali / Mazen Eyon

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