Coronavirus fatalities pass more than 2.200.000 worldwide

Capitals, SANA- The global novel coronavirus has claimed the lives of 2,428,000 persons since its occurrence in December 2019 while the infections recorded a new high, exceeding 102,059,807.

According to Reuters, India registered 18,855 new cases to raise the total number of infections to 10,720,048 while the number of fatalities has amounted to 154,010 with daily increasing at 163 ones.

In Germany , 14,022 new cases were registered on Friday bringing the number of infections to 2 million and 192,850 while the number of deaths reached to 55,752 with daily increase at 839 ones.

In South Korea, the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency announced the registration of 469 new cases, bringing the total number of cases to 77,395, while the number of deaths reached 1399 after registering 13 new deaths.


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