National delegation in Geneva stresses importance of adopting issue of refugees return as a national comprehensive principle

Geneva, SANA-The national delegation to the meetings of the committee of discussing the constitution stressed the importance of adopting the issue of refugees’ return as a comprehensive national principle for its importance at various levels, especially at the humanitarian level.

Interpositions of the members of the national delegation on the first day of the meetings called on some countries to stop politicizing this file or exploiting it to achieve political and economic interests at the expense of the suffering the displaced Syrians and the bad conditions they encounter.

They also called for the halt of putting obstacles in the face of the return of refugees to their country.

Members of the delegation also affirmed that the measures and steps taken by the state institutions to facilitate the return of refugees contributed to the return of hundreds of thousands of the Syrians to their homes despite the obstacles put by countries hostile to Syria, particularly the unilateral coercive measures against the Syrians.

Meetings of the 4th round of the Mini-Committee of Discussing the Constitution have started at the UN headquarters in Geneva with the participation of the national delegation and other delegations.

Manar/ Bushra/ Mazen

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