A photovoltaic power plant put into service in Sweida countryside to support electricity sector

Sweida, SANA- In the framework of investment in the alternative and renewable energies projects, the photovoltaic power plant with a capacity of 100 kilowatt was recently carried out and put into service in Rimah al-Lahaf village in Sweida countryside to be added to a group of similar plants which were carried out in the province lately.

The plant aims at supplying the grid with electricity and improving the electricity situation in the village.

The plant reflects the  importance on investment in the renewable energy projects to support the electricity sector and the reconstruction process.

Owner of the project, Amjad Abu Fakher, pointed out to the economic feasibility of the investment in inexhaustible solar energy, as well as   the importance of partnerships with the state’s institutions, particularly after the damage caused by terrorism in all sectors and the unjust siege imposed on the Syrian people.

The plant is located on an area of 450 square meters and it encompasses 304 high quality and effective solar modules with 3 transformers.

Director of the General Company for Electricity in Sweida, Eng. Nidal Nowfal, indicated that the plant is linked to the village’s low-voltage network and contributes to supporting the electricity network in it.

Eight renewable energy plants were carried out in Sweida province recently in the villages of Najran, al-Qurayya, Habran, Qanawat, Orman and Rimah al-Lahaf. The plants are with a total capacity of 380 Kilowatt,and put into service and linked to the electricity network.

Hala Zain

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