Pakistan sends medical aid to Syria to help fighting COVID-19

Damascus, SANA_ A plane loaded with medical assistance offered by the Republic of Pakistan, landed at the Damascus International Airport on Sunday.

The aid, which includes medicines and medical equipment and supplies, aims at supporting the efforts of the Syrian health sector to confront the novel Coronavirus.

In a statement to journalists after receiving the aid, Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Faisal Mikdad expressed the gratitude of the Syrian people for this generous gesture by friends and brothers in Pakistan.

Mikdad said that today’s shipment is the largest shipment ever received by Syria during the health crisis, saluting the leadership and people of Pakistan for supporting Syria, not only in difficult health conditions but in joint action against terrorism.

The Pakistani ambassador in Damascus, Saeed Mohammad Khan, indicated that it had been agreed to send medical aid weighing 25 tons of important supplies that help dealing with the Coronavirus.

He pointed out that the aid includes personal protection materials and will be distributed to hospitals and the concerned authorities in the Ministry of Health.

Deputy Minister of Health, Ahmad Khleifawi, stressed the importance of this aid to support the health sector in Syria which had suffered throughout the years of war and still suffers from the economic embargo and unjust unilateral coercive measures that prevent the arrival of many medical materials and equipment.




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