Dashti : Silence about Western coercive economic sanctions against Syria in light of the corona pandemic “human crime”

Geneva, SANA- President of the International Council Supporting of Fair Trial and Human Rights, Dr. Abdul Hameed Dashti, renewed demanding the lifting of unilateral coercive economic measures imposed on Syria, stressing that the mere silence on these measures in light of the pandemic Corona Global is “a crime against humanity”.

“As the Corona pandemic is rapidly spreading at the global level and internally in Syria, the continuation of those measures make the situation worse and just remaining silent about it represents a human crime,” Dashti said in a letter to the UN bodies, world health Organization, and the Red Cross.

He called on ICSFT to play an effective role to persuade EU countries, and the US to cancel their unilateral coercive measures imposed on Syria, especially those related to the health care sector, which is the main sector in the face of the Corona pandemic.

Dashti also stressed the necessity of asking the WHO and countries of the world to immediately interfere and offer health, medicinal and food aid to avoid pandemic effects of Corona in Syria.

Manar Salameh/Mazen Eyon

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