7 Persons arrested, 22 kg of hashish and 4500 narcotic pills seized

Damascus, SANA – The Interior Ministry on Saturday announced that the Anti-Narcotics Branch in Damascus arrested seven persons who used to possess, traffic in, and sell narcotics, seizing 22 kg of hashish and 4500 narcotic pills in their possession.

The Ministry said in a statement that based on the information received by the Anti-Narcotics Department in Damascus about a person who traffics in narcotics, and after observing that person and monitoring his movements, he was arrested in al-Zahira al-Jadida with 25 grams of hashish in his possession, adding that he confessed during interrogation that he possessed and trafficked in narcotics, and that his supplier is a person living in al-Zahira al-Jadida.

The Ministry said that based on information from the arrested person, a patrol from the Anti-Narcotics Branch in Damascus raided the house of the supplier and arrested 6 persons who were smoking hashish there, adding that after searching the house, the branch personnel found 22 kg of hashish packaged in bags for selling, in addition to 4500 narcotic pills, an electronic scale, and an offensive grenade.

During interrogation, the six persons confessed to possessing, trafficking in, and selling narcotic substances.

The Ministry said that investigations are still underway to reveal all the people involved in this case.

Baraa Ali / Hazem Sabbagh

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