Ambassador al-Sabbagh reviews at UNIDO damage caused to industrial sector in Syria

Vienna, SANA-Concluding its 42nd session in Vienna on Wednesday, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) adopted a slew of decisions intended to enhance the role of the organization in providing assistance to developing countries for their industrial development.

Syria’s Permanent Representative to Vienna-based international organizations Bassam al-Sabbagh elaborated in a speech delivered during the meetings on the damage wrought to the industrial sector in Syria.

“Industrial cities in Aleppo, Damascus countryside and elsewhere in Syria and public and private-owned factories”, noted the Syrian diplomat, “have come under brutal acts of terrorism and have been pillaged and destroyed.”

He cited Aleppo’s factories in particular that have been plundered and illegally moved to be sold at cheap prices in Turkey.

It did not stop at that, he added. Energy transfer lines that are necessary for making this sector functional have come under repeated attacks, not to mention the unilateral economic measures that some countries have imposed on Syria that have placed extra burden on the Syrian industrialists in terms of importing raw materials and exporting products.

“Now more than ever,” al-Sabbagh said, “Syria needs the support of UNIDO member states and needs to broaden the scope of cooperation with the organization to incorporate the Syrian industrial sectors’ rehabilitation and construction.”

Syria was elected a UNIDO member for a four-year term during the organization’s general conference held in Peru’s capital, Lima in December 2013.

Manal Ismael

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