Water shortage threatens lives of civilians in Hasaka due to Turkish occupation’s control of pumping at Alouk plant

Hasaka, SANA- The suffering of the locals in Hasaka City and its countryside continues due to the scarcity of drinking water after the Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries of terrorists controlled Alouk plant, the only source of drinking water, which threatens the lives of hundreds of thousands of civilians, especially children.

Despite of re-operating Alouk plant after a break of more than 14 days, the water has not reached many homes, especially the city center, due to the lack of water supply by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries as they operate only a single pump.

Abu Ahmad, from al-Qudat neighborhood, says “After the water was pumped to the downtown neighborhoods yesterday, it did not reach the houses, and if it did, it was very weak, and it continues for limited hours.”

He pointed out that the water was “good before the Turkish occupier took over the station and they are now trying to invest it through their dirty plots, committing a humanitarian crime against almost a million people.”

In turn, young man Ismail from Ghwairan neighborhood, affirms that what is happening is a war crime against humanity while the international community remains silent.”

He added “What are we waiting for from the Turkish occupier and its mercenaries? They were the main reason for destabilizing the region since the beginning of the crisis through their continued support to terrorist groups,” calling for finding alternative solutions to the Alouk project, as “there is no hope as long as the Turkish occupier controls the plant.”

Abu Nidal, one of the locals in al-Nashwa neighborhood, says “cutting off drinking water and controlling it reflects the hatred and grudge of the Turkish occupation, and it is a crime against humanity which contradicts the teachings of religions and heavenly messages.”

Director-General of Hasaka Water Directorate Mahmoud al-Okleh, in a statement to SANA reporter, said that “The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries intentionally reduce the pumping towards the water drawing pipeline, as they operate one pump while the normal situation needs between 5 and 6 pumps.”

 “This delays filling the main tanks in the area of al-Himma, and consequently, the delay in pumping water towards the neighborhoods, and in case of pumping, the water does not reach most houses,” Okleh added.

He continued “The Turkish occupier controls the number of wells that are operated within the project, and only operates the minimum of them, and all these measures will negatively affect the reality of drinking water in the city and the nearby areas. The occupier will use water to exert pressure on the locals in the province.”

Al-Okleh believes that “the only solution to the problem of drinking water is the withdrawal of the Turkish occupier and its mercenaries from the station permanently and allowing the workers of the institution to operate, supervise and maintain it, so that things will return to what they used to be previously.”

The arrival of drinking water to the people caused by the Turkish occupation president and the practices of his mercenary terrorists.

He stressed” that the problem of poor pumping and the lack of drinking water reaching the people is caused by the Turkish occupation’s president and the practices of its mercenaries of terrorists.”

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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