Federation of Arab Communities in Latin America expresses solidarity against military, economic terrorist war on the country

Havana, SANA-The Federation of Arab Communities in Latin America (FEARAB America) condemned US unilateral coercive measures imposed on Syria, and the so-called “Caesar’s Act” and the unjust criminal blockade on its citizens, expressing Solidarity with Syria in the face of the military and economic terrorist war that target it.

President of FEARAB America, Alfredo Darwish Gutierrezto, handed over a statement to the Syrian Ambassador to Cuba, Idris Maya, in which he said that “the Syrian citizens and their heroic army, who defeated the US project in defense of Syria’s sovereignty, its unity and territorial integrity, will not allow black criminal professionals to return to revive their plot.”

The statement stressed that the Syrian citizens will face sanctions with the same determination that defeated terrorist groups’ tools.

Bushra/ Mazen

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