Within a new cultural initiative, 2nd Songbook Encyclopedia opened electronically to readers

Damascus, SANA-Similar to the various cultural initiatives which have been launched in Syria in response the current exceptional circumstances which the countries of the world are passing through after the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (covid-19), the volumes of the 2nd Songbook Encyclopedia were opened electronically to readers and those interested in the music.

The encyclopedia, founded by researcher and musician Dr. Saadallah Agha al-Qalaa, comes within the project of establishing a new Arab musical renaissance based on the development of a new analytical reading of the works of senior Arab musicians , with the aim of revealing the creativity in hundreds of their lyrical and musical works during the renaissance witnessed by the Arab music in the twentieth century as this reading would be  a reference to guide the future creativity tracks.

In the context of the encyclopedia, Dr. Agha al-Qalaa seeks to select the most important 100 lyrical and musical works from the outcome of that renaissance, with the aim of generating a new reading on the development of Arabic music within previous prosperous stages and eliciting the elements that generated it.

Dr. Agha al-Qalaa clarifies that the encyclopedia includes details of what has been carried out of documentation, evaluation, analysis, opinion polls and identification of  the elements that led to the musical renaissance in the Arab world last century in addition to describing the reality of Arab music today.

Regarding the reason behind opening the encyclopedia electronically for those who are interested in music, Dr. Agha al-Qalaa said that in difficult times, people search for what contributes to their psychological and emotional balance and to what enriches their knowledge and that is why the initiative was launched.

The 2nd Songbook Encyclopedia is based on the branching texts technology and it is supported by audio-visual media of large sizes, which makes it impossible to publish it in its entirety, which leads to the sole possibility of publishing it which is publishing it on the internet.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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