Al-Farah Choir performs a concert at Damascus Central Prison

Damascus, SANA- Al-Farah Choir on Wednesday performed a concert titled “Melody of Hope” at Damascus Central Prison, including various songs, some of them are composed by some inmates.

The event was organized by the culture center of the prison, in cooperation with al-Amal music band comprising some of inmates.

Father Elias Zahlawi said that the event aims to communicate with the inmates at Damascus Central Prison to help them return to their normal life.

He stressed that  what is required today to sow seeds of love in each other’s hearts so that this love can emerge, and Syria will return better than it was before.

For his part ,Mahrat , a member in the al-Amal music band, said that the band has trained for a month with al-Farah Choir , and performed four songs written and composed by the band’s members, expressing joy over holding such events , which enable the inmates to develop their artistic talents.


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