A stand in Damascus in rejection of Turkish aggression, support for detainees in Israeli prisons

Damascus, SANA- The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) in coordination with the Syrian Unified Communist Party organized a solidarity stand in rejection of the Turkish aggression against Syria and in support for the sacrifice and resilience of the detainees in the Israeli occupation’s prisons.

Participants in the stand, which was held at a public park in Damascus, confirmed their rejection of the foreign interference in Syria’s affairs, underlining the necessity of preserving its unity and the security of its lands.

They voiced full support and solidarity with the detainees in the Israeli occupation’s prisons who are suffering from brutal torture and abuse, affirming that the detainees’ case is not only a humanitarian one, but it is the most important case of the conflict with the Zionist enemy and a main part of the struggle of the Palestinian people for their legitimate and inalienable rights.

The participants noted that what has taken place in Syria over the years of the terrorist war waged against the country has proven its ability to overcome all obstacles and the most complicated battles and to triumph over the hostile forces and their tools and backers.

Yara Ismail / Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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