Israeli occupation forces storm Ramallah, dozens of Palestinians suffer suffocation

Occupied Jerusalem, SANA-Dozens of Palestinians suffered suffocation on Sunday morning due to an attack on them by the Israeli occupation forces which were storming into Ramallah city in the West Bank.

Palestinian Wafaa News Agency said that the occupation forces stormed al-Tira neighborhood amid firing gas bombs as dozens of Palestinians suffered suffocation.

The Israeli occupation forces continue their hostile practices against the Palestinians through attacking them in their cities and villages and launching daily arrest campaigns with the aim of displacing them and usurping and Judaizing their lands.

15 Palestinian arrested in occupied Jerusalem

The Israeli occupation forces also arrested 15 Palestinians in different areas in the West Bank.

Wafaa Agency said that the occupation forces broke into Qalqilya city and the towns of Bani N’aim and Dora in Hebron and Jabal al-Zaytoun neighborhood and al-Issawiya in occupied Jerusalem, arresting 15 Palestinians.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri



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