SCO Leaders: Preserving Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity is sole way for settling crisis

Bishkek, SANA – Leaders of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) stressed that the dialogue based on preserving Syria’s sovereignty is the only way for settling the crisis in it.

In the concluding statement of the SCO, the leaders stressed adherence to a unified stance based on dialogue that is governed by respecting Syria’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity being the sole way for settling the crisis in it.

The statement pointed out that cooperation within Astana formula has created the required circumstances for implementing UNSC resolution no. 2254, which encourages the political process under leadership of the Syrians and by the Syrians themselves for finding solutions that fulfill the interests of the Syrian people.

SCO member states also stressed in the statement continuation of the international efforts for helping Syria in the reconstruction process after the crisis ends.

R. Milhem

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