Gouraud: My visit to Syria conveys a message of love from French people to Syrian people

Damascus, SANA- Jean-Louis Gouraud, descendant of French General Henri Gouraud ,who led the French Campaign to occupy Syria early in the 20th century, affirmed that his visit to Syria conveys a message of love from the French people to the Syrian people.

Gouraud, author and equine specialist, who is currently paying a visit to Syria within delegation of guests participating in activities of al-Sham International Arabian Horse Festival, expressed happiness over the return of security and  stability to Syria.

The festival is held in coincidence with marking the 73rd anniversary of the evacuation of the French colonialism from Syria.

“I feel so thrilled…after eight years…we have watched photos on the war and the destruction in Syria…Today, we came to watch Syria living in security and peace and we met with people carrying out projects and proposing positive ideas and they are in a state of happiness,” Gouraud said.

Al-Sham International Arabian Horse Festival will start activities on Tuesday and it will last for five days with an international participation.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri



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