More displaced families arrive in Jlaighim corridor coming from al-Rukban camp

Homs, SANA- More displaced families arrived in Jlaighim corridor in the Syrian Badiya (desert) on Saturday coming from al-Rukban Camp where US occupation troops and their terrorists’ mercenaries besiege thousands of civilians.

SANA reporter at Jlaighim corridor said that dozens of families, mostly children, women and elderly, arrived at the corridor on board of cars and trucks.

Upon their arrival at the corridor, the reporter added, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) and the medical point provided them with food and health aid.

The reporter indicated that the concerned bodies have completed all the procedures for the returnees, including registering their names and identifying their personal data to be transported to makeshift centers in Homs.

Later, the returnees will be transported to their original places of residence in the areas liberated from terrorism by the Syrian Arab army.

Thousands of civilians are stranded in al-Rukban Camp as the US occupation troops and  terrorists groups backed by the US are hampering their safe exit to government-controlled areas.

On Wednesday, tens of evacuees from the camp arrived at the Jlaighim crossing coming for the Camp.


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