Governmental bodies, Russian Reconciliation Center discuss ending al-Rukban tragedy

Homs, SANA- In framework of the coordination and organizing cooperation between the Russian Reconciliation Center and the Higher National Committee for Return of Displaced , a coordination meeting was held on Tuesday with the participation of governmental bodies, the Russian Reconciliation Center and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, in addition to the elders of the tribes from al-Rukban Camp.

The goal behind the meeting was to find a final solution to the suffering of thousands of the displaced Syrians who are being held by the US occupation forces and their mercenaries at al-Rukban Camp on the Syrian-Jordanian borders.

The meeting, held in Homs countryside, dealt with the mechanisms and preparations taken by the Syrian state institutions to receive the returnees from al-Rukban Camp and the fastest way to end the suffering of the people inside the camp and to transport them to their areas and towns which have been liberated from terrorism by the Syrian Arab Army.

Head of the Russian Center for reconciliation Viktor Kupchikhin said that his country affirms that the only and fast solution to the situation in al-Rukban Camp is to speed up the evacuation of the camp’s residents to their areas and homes.

He noted that the semi-solutions will be futile in light of the willingness  of most of the Camp’s residents to get out of it and to flee the daily catastrophic conditions which they are living along with the continued rejection of the US side to engage in the steps which aim at finding a final solution to the tragedy of the people besieged in the camp.

Head of the Political Department Major Gen. Hassan Hassan noted that all the state institutions are exerting relentless efforts for guaranteeing the safe return of the residents of al-Rukban Camp to their areas.

Major Gen. Hassan affirmed that the US occupation in al-Tanf area prevents the Syrian citizens from moving on their land and it holds them under tragic conditions in the camp.

The meeting also touched upon the issue of settling the legal status of the military deserters inside al-Rukban Camp , in addition to the taken measures for providing all the requirements of the people at the camp and receiving and transporting them.

Representative of the National Reconciliation Commission Ahmad Munir affirmed that the US prevents the Syrians from getting out of the camp to exert pressure on the Syrian Government through using them as hostages to serve its policies and interests in the region.

For their part, the elders of the tribes talked about the tragic conditions at al-Rukban Camp which will lead to a humanitarian catastrophe if they will continue.

They underlined the importance of the meeting as a step towards ending the crisis of the camp’s residents and transporting them to their hometowns.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri


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