Chinese traveler: An atmosphere of security prevails Syria contrary to what Western media promotes


Damascus, SANA- Chinese traveler Wu Shan on Sunday arrived in Damascus city through the Syrian-Jordanian borders  as a part of a worldwide tour that includes 60 states.

Shan, in a press statement from the Umayyad Square in Damascus, said that she felt of the atmosphere of security prevailing all areas across Syria starting from Daraa province till Damascus countryside and Damascus contrary to what has been promoted by Western media of negative news.

She indicated that she is getting ready to visit Aleppo province over the coming two days to inspect the reality of the situations in it.

The Chinese traveler added that she wants to convey a message through her tour which is related to the situation of stability and the life of the Syrians who are practicing their normal activities.

Shan expressed happiness to visit Syria in framework of her tour around the world in Europe, Africa and Asia with the aim of getting acquainted with the nations of the world and their culture.

She added that her tour around the world started from about 18 months ago.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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