People’s Assembly reviews means of providing drinking and irrigation water

Damascus, SANA – The People’s Assembly on Wednesday held a session during which Minister of Water Resources reviewed the Ministry’s procedures to provide drinking water and irrigation water in inhabited and agricultural areas which suffer a shortage in water supplies.

Deputy Speaker of the People’s Assembly, Fahmi Hassan, condemned the terrorist attack which resulted in the killing of MP representing Hama province Waris al-Younes, who was known for his loyalty to the homeland and devotion to addressing citizens’ problems and issues.

The discussions at the session focused on means of providing drinking and irrigation water and looking for alternative sources to ensure its availability in areas which have been exposed to terrorists’ attacks.

The Assembly members stressed the need for taking serious measures to supply Aleppo city with water in order to reduce the suffering of its inhabitants under current circumstances, in addition to studying the possibility of digging wells and carrying out a number of projects to solve water shortage in other provinces.

Minister of Water Resources Kamal al-Sheikha said that the Ministry is following up on all problems and complaints and coordinating with its directorates and institutions to provide water to all citizens

He highlighted the importance of the Syrian-Russian cooperation to draw the water of Tigris River which is under study.

The Minister indicated that the Ministry has taken several measures to solve the issue of transporting water through tanks and by regulating and licensing this process to ensure the delivery of clean water to citizens in all areas.

Rasha Raslan / Hazem Sabbagh

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