“The Memory”…short film documenting ISIS brutality in Aleppo

Aleppo, SANA-Shooting started of a short film titled “The Memory” documenting ISIS violations against innocent civilians in al-Shibani school in Aleppo old city which the takfiri organization had turned into dungeons and detention centers

SANA interviewed Anas Ramadan, the film’s director, who said that the film seeks to shine a light on ISIS appalling crimes and the way it turned the school’s basements into incarceration centers stretching to 600 meters underground to inflict torture and killing against civilians.

The film follows a woman and her two children’s odyssey after they made their escape from one of the terrorist cells and their journey to reachtheir home, he explains, adding that “The Memory” is the first short film to be shot in Aleppo after liberating it from terrorism.


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