More displaced Syrians head back to Syria coming from Lebanon

Homs, Damascus Countryside, SANA- New batches of displaced Syrians, who are coming from Lebanon, arrived in the Syrian territories on Thursday morning via the crossings of al-Dabbousyia, al-Zamrani and Jdeidet Yabous.

The return of the displaced came due to the joint efforts exerted by the Syrian Government in cooperation with the Lebanese side for the return of all the displaced to the homeland.

SANA’s delegate to al-Zamrani crossing in Damascus Countryside said that a number of buses and small freight cars entered the crossing with hundreds of displaced Syrians onboard who are coming from the Lebanese territories.

The reporter indicated that the bodies concerned which are supervising the process of transporting the displaced had prepared a medical center to give vaccines for children and to provide food for the returnees.

Speaking to SANA reporter, Head of the Committee for the Return of Displaced from Lebanon to Syria, Khalid Abdel Aziz pointed out to the large turnout by the displaced to register their names in order to return home in light of the simplified procedures provided by the Syrian government and the amnesty decree.

He indicated that the rumors circulated by Lebanese parties are baseless and aimed at spreading fear among the displaced and preventing them from returning.

In turn, Mukhtar al-Jarajir Mustafa Masoud said that the displaced Syrians are in constant communication with the authorities concerned and with their relatives in their villages and towns who affirm to them that the situation on the ground is safe and stable and no obstacles prevent their return to Syria.

Meanwhile, SANA’s delegate to al-Dabbousyia crossing in Homs western countryside said that 13 buses carrying a batch of displaced arrived in the crossing coming from the Lebanese territories and the bodies concerned provided all the required facilitations to the returnees.

In turn, SANA’s delegate to Jdeidet Yabous crossing in Damascus Countryside said that a number of buses carrying hundreds of displaced Syrians on board arrived in the crossing.

All the required facilitations were provided to the returnees and they will be later transported to their villages and towns which have been liberated from terrorism by the Syrian Arab Army.

A number of youths who returned from Lebanon told SANA reporters that the are at the age of the military service and that they returned to the homeland to join the ranks of the Syrian Arab Army which eliminated terrorism from most of the Syrian territories.

The returnees hailed the facilitations provided to the displaced who are willing to return to homeland.

They expressed happiness for returning to the homeland, thanking the bodies concerned in Lebanon and Syria which have worked on providing all the required facilitations to them.

R. al-Jazaeri/ Ghossoun

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