Moscow: US behavior in Syria “occupation”

Moscow, SANA – Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that her country considers Washington’s actions in Syria as “occupation”.

“In northeastern and southern areas of Syria as well as in al-Tanf, there is a de facto unconvincing occupation by US forces of the territory of the sovereign Syrian state,” Sputnik news agency quoted Zakharova as speaking at a press conference on Thursday.

The spokeswoman added that the terrorists who had found a “safe haven in the 55-kilometer exclusive zone,” established by the US, are blackmailing civilians who want to leave the area and forcing them to pay money.

Earlier this month, the Russian Foreign Ministry stressed the need to end the illegitimate presence of the US troops in al-Tanf area and close al-Rukban Camp which is mainly used to train and harbor terrorists.

In the same context, Syria has repeatedly announced that the military presence of the US or any other foreign forces on its territories without the government’s approval is an act of aggression against the Syrian sovereignty and a flagrant violation of the UN’s Charter and principles.

On the other hand, Zakharova expressed Moscow’s readiness to constructively cooperate with Staffan de Mistura’s successor, adding that “the candidacy of the new special envoy must be acceptable for the authorities of the Syrian Arab Republic as it is envisaged by the fundamental principles of UN mediation”.

Rasha Raslan/Mazen

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