Syrian national flag raised over newly liberated towns in Hama southern countryside

Hama, SANA-Units from the Internal Security Forces entered on Friday the liberated towns of Aqrab and Talaf in Hama southern countryside after being recently declared free of terrorists.

The units raised the Syrian national flag over governmental buildings in the two towns.

The units were given exuberant welcome by hundreds of the locals who gathered at the entrances of the two towns, raising national flags and pictures of President Bashar al-Assad.

The national flag was hoisted over the Girls’ School in Aqrab town and in the middle of Talaf town, amid big turnout by the locals who paid tribute to the Syrian army’s sacrifices which pushed terrorists to leave to northern Syria.

The unit’s entry coincided with service workshops commencing work to repair power grids, rehabilitate roads and service institutions to restore normal life to the entire Hama countryside.

Aqrab, Talaf and a number of adjacent towns were declared free of terrorists on Wednesday after the terrorists who declined to engage in national reconciliation exited along with their families as part of an agreement to end terrorist presence in Hama southern and Homs northern countryside.


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