Bogdanov: Washington’s aggressive behavior aggravates situation in Syria

Moscow, SANA- Russian President’s Special envoy for the Middle East and African Countries, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said that the aggressive behavior of the US and its allies is behind the deteriorating situation in Syria.

During a roundtable at the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Bogdanov said that Moscow is deeply concerned that the situation in Syria could deteriorate as a result of the aggressive approach pursued by Washington and its allies.

He added that the US, UK and France have proved that “they are actually using humanitarian discourse and promoting justification for their military presence in Syria under the pretext of defeating the jihadists as a cover for their plans to divide the country.”

Bogdanov pointed out that thanks to the political and military deterrence measures taken by Russia through various channels and the professionalism shown by the Syrian air defense, significant damage was prevented as a result of the tripartite aggression on Syria which took place on April 14.

The Russian diplomat said that the foreign ministers of Russia, Iran and the Turkish regime will discuss at their meeting on Saturday in Moscow the preparations for the ninth round of Astana talks on Syria scheduled for mid-May, adding that his meeting with the Chinese Special Envoy for Syria, Ambassador Xie Xiaoyan, dealt with issues related to resolving the crisis in Syria.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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