Screening of “Revolution Man” film kicks off in Damascus

Damascus, SANA-  The General Establishment for Cinema launched on Thursday the screening of the long feature film “Revolution Man” at Dar Al Assad for Culture and Arts in Damascus.

The English-language film is written by Hasan M. Yousef, directed by Najdat Ismail Anzour, and produced by the National Film Organization.

The film revolves around a journalist who enters Syria illegally in order to take pictures and videos of the war in Syria in search of fame and international prizes, and after failing to reach his goal, he resorts to helping the terrorists to fabricate an incident using chemical materials, with the aim of turning his photos into a global event.

In a statement to the journalists, Culture Minister, Mohammad al-Ahmad, said that screening of “Revolution man” film came in line with the National Film Organization’s efforts to document and archive what has been taking place in Syria since the very beginning of terrorist war against the country in order to keep these memories alive for future generations.

He added that the use of English language aims to make the film understandable to the foreign and European audiences and gain international fame.

For his part, Director Anzour said that screening the film coincides with the Western attempts to put pressure on Syria after the collapse of terrorist groups under the severe blows of the Syrian Arab Army.

He said that the film has been made in English in order to reach the audience in the West and expose the lies circulated by media over 7 years of war on Syria.

Anzour added that the film will be screened in Aleppo, Homs, Lattakia and Tartous, noting that a plan has been set up regarding the participation of the film in international festivals.

The film stars are Saif al-Din Subaie, Khaldoon Qarout, Mirfa Qadi, Ram Youssef, Yara al-Dolani, Ahmed al-Khatib, Majed Mokbel, Lubabeh Saqr, Nabil Farouj, and Abdullah al-Sayyar.

The public screening of the film will kick off on Saturday and last till the 10th of April at Drama Theatre at Dar al-Assad for Culture and Arts.

Shaza/Rasha Raslan


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