Large and micro companies participate in “Lisa Mkamleen” Bazaar in Damascus

Damascus, SANA – “Lisa Mkamleen” (still go ahead) Bazaar kicked off Wednesday at Damascus-based Dama Rose Hotel with the participation of several charities and developmental corporations.

The bazaar, organized by Tourism Ministry in cooperation with Sham for exhibitions and conferences, lasts till February 2nd showcasing different food materials, consumable goods, cosmetics, accessories and hand-made products.

Touring the Bazaar, Services and Quality Director at Tourism Ministry, Zouheir Ardroumli said that the main aim of the bazaar is to establish direct contact between producers and major manufacturing companies and low-income workers.

A special space was allocated to exhibit the products of war-affected people and owners of micro companies in order to sell their products and help them not to rely on assistance, Ardroumli added.

Nipras Mjarkas from Sham for exhibitions and conferences noted that more than 80 micro enterprise owners and civil organizations, in addition to 15 major companies take part in the bazaar, indicating that if succeeded, the bazaar will be held in other provinces.

In an interview with SANA, Ousama al-Nasser, Director of al-Nasser Zaatar Company in Aleppo, said that the bazaar conveys a message about Syria’s steadfastness and strong economy which witnesses remarkable recovery, especially in Aleppo, adding that his company, founded in 1965, begins production after five years of suspension.

In turn, Siham Tabba’ from Makki Company saw in the bazaar an opportunity to establish direct contact with customers and know their opinions about the quality of products, with stress laid on the importance of cooperation between governmental and private sectors in order to make such events a success and further upgrade productivity and provide consumers with high-quality products at encouraging and reasonable prices.



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