Conference on National Project for Administrative Reform kicks off

Damascus, SANA – Activities of conference entitled “National Project for Administrative Reform… Success Factors in Syria in post-war stage” kicked off at Damascus University Auditorium on Saturday evening with the participation of an elite of experts.

The two-day conference, organized by the Syrian-British Society headed by Dr. Fawaz al-Akhras, discusses the objectives of the National Project for Administrative Reform launched by President Bashar al-Assad, success factors including human resources, expertise and skills and the role of this project in improving the performance of financial and juridical apparatus.

Other topics that will be tackled include the role of information technology in implementing the project, means of reforming administrative cadres, preserving the cultural identity of the Syrian society and achieving social justice and employment standards in addition to several issues related to the needs of Syrian people.

Two dialogue sessions of the first day focused on the importance of this national project as an ambitious plan to improve state-owned institutions and reconstruct them in a way that contributes to further upgrade their services and productivity.

Speakers underlined the significance of investment in human resources as a key factor to push forward the administrative development process, in addition to identifying of problems and challenges to find appropriate solutions.

The participants called for activating the role of supervision system, mass media, public opinion and civil institutions as well as conducting regular evaluation of employees’ performance, developing the educational sector and engaging the youth in the post-war stage.

R. Raslan / Ghossoun

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