Velayati denounces US military presence in Syria

Tehran, SANA – Advisor to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran Ali Akbar Velayati denounced on Tuesday the US military presence in Syria.

During his meeting with Syrian Ambassador in Tehran Adnan Mahmoud, Velayati said that the American military presence in the north and northeast of Syria is aimed at achieving fragmentation, as “they also plan to achieve the same goal in Iraq,” adding that the Zionists are implementing the Americans’ plans in the region.

Velayati hailed the steadfastness of Syria, as “it has shown the countries of the region that steadfastness is possible,” noting that President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government and people have proved they are a symbol of resistance in the region.

In turn, Ambassador Mahmoud highlighted the importance of joint strategic coordination between Syria, Iran and Russia in combating terrorism and eliminating it in Syria and the whole region in order to serve the security and stability of the entire region and the world.

The two sides affirmed their firm stance of rejecting the referendum in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq and the adherence to the unity and sovereignty of Iraq.

They stress that their countries stand against any projects aimed at dividing the countries of the region, which is one of the goals of the terrorist scheme and its backers.

In a press statement following the meeting, Advisor Velayati affirmed Iran’s support to the unity and sovereignty of the Syrian territory just like those of Iraq, reiterating that any project to fragment the region’s countries will be met with resistance from its peoples. Said

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